Safe Area Rug Cleaning Methods

          Rugs can make your home more cozy and warm. They enhance the look of a room and come in a variety of styles and colors. Because they lie on the floor they tend to become dirty very quickly. The following safe area rug cleaning methods should free them from dirt and dust.           The first defense method to try and keep your rugs clean is to make sure you place a good doormat at each entrance. This will keep the dirt from outside from being tracked into the house and onto the rugs. A good doormat is very thick and rough so that it will take off the dirt from the bottom of the shoes. Another way to keep your rugs clean is to have a 1/5 Roeno shoe 1/5 R? policy in the house. Shoeless feet are much kinder to your rugs than those with shoes on. This may not be an option in some households however.

There are several ways to tell if it is time for your rug to be deep cleaned. Deep cleaning is different from everyday cleaning as it is usually includes water or another cleaning solution. Everyday cleaning would entail using the vacuum sweeper, wiping up spills and treating stains. To ascertain if the rug needs deep cleaning grab it at the corners and hold it up. Kick the back of the rug and if you see a bunch of dust and dirt fall out when you kick it, it is time for a deep cleaning. Another way to tell is to start rubbing a portion of the rub back and forth with your hand and exerting a good deal of weight. Do this for 8 to 12 seconds and if your hand comes away with dirt on in, it is time for a deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning of a rug
needs to be done with care. Some Oriental rugs or Persian rugs cannot be cleaned in this way or the dyes will run. You are usually told this when you purchase a delicate rug. Most antique rugs should be cleaned professionally and you should not try to do it yourself. If you have a rug that didn’t't cost all that much you can try the deep cleaning yourself.

Move the rug on the driveway or into the garage and vacuum both sides. Start with the back side then flip it over. Run the sweeper in the horizontal direction first then in a vertical. Always test your rug for color fastness before you do the whole thing. Make sure the rug is flipped with the right side up. Use a bucket of cold water and a mild detergent. Rub the soapy water in with a soft brush that has long bristles. Do this in a small area first and let dry a little to make sure the colors are not going to fade or run. If they nothing fades, do the whole rug. Do not scrub too hard or you could damage the rug. If there is fringe brush it away from the rug in one direction with the same soap.

Replace the soapy water with clean, cool water and lightly scrub it down again. Do not saturate the rug with water. You will need a window squeegee for the rest of the process. Press down gently and squeeze out the water going horizontally first then vertically. Wipe with a clean, cloth towel as you go. You may go through several towels before you are done depending on the size of the rug. Lay the rug flat in the sun to dry and when the front is dry flip it over onto newspaper to keep it clean and let the back dry too. Don’t leave it in strong sun for a long period of time because the colors may fade. It is fine to bring it back in when it is almost dry. Roll it up the rug is large to bring it back in the house and unroll immediately arranging the fringe if it has some.

Sometimes the rug will feel a little stiff after a deep cleaning. If it does you can take a dry brush and lightly rub the stiffness out or just vacuum and that should take some of it away.

The old method of deep cleaning a rug is to put it over a clothesline and beat it to death. Newer rugs do not fare very well with this method. They can separate from the backing or the woven threads can loosen. They do not fare well with carpet shampooing machines either. However, they may be safe when using a steam cleaning machine.

If you don’t feel comfortable deep cleaning an expensive rug, it is best to let a professional do it. They will be able to tell you what kind of cleaning it needs. If you vacuum the rug regularly and take care of any spills or stains your rug will not need deep cleaning very often. Every two to five years should be fine and you will have a fine floor covering to make your home feel warm and cozy.

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