How to get pencil markings off a wall without ruining paint?

Q : I recently finished painting stripes on my bathroom walls. I used a pencil to draw tick marks to make sure my tape was straight. The stripes came out great, it's just that now that I've taken the paint off, you can see the pencil markings. Does anyone know of a solution I could use to get these markings off without ruining my paint?

A#1 : If you painted over the lines, you will have to re-tape right under or above the pencil lines and paint over them again.
If the pencil lines are over the paint, just use a high quality eraser. Both strategies worked.

A#2 : Take a partially wet cloth ( you kno squeeze it but its still damp) than just wipe softly dont put too much pressure on it though.
A#3 : Try Mr. Clean magic eraser. That thing takes all kind of marks off my walls at home. It does not ruin your paint.

A#4 : Use a new eraser (like from the end of a pencil) just like you would use if it's on paper.

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